YOU NEED A TRAINER!!- (the why's and how they can help you achieve greatness)


TOMORROWLAND. If you have said more than once "I'll start tomorrow."
This is a trap. You need to start today. You are the kind of person that needs accountability. Trainers are great, regardless of how often that you meet them. YOU HAVE TO MEET THEM. It gets you to go there. It's better than a workout partner because you PAY them to motivate you once you get there!!

THE WALKER. If you, like me, have driven to the gym, in your gym clothes, walked in, hopped on a treadmill and decided that you didn't feel like being there, so YOU LEAVE. You need a personal trainer. WHY? Well, it should be obvious to us, but it's not. You need someone to get your mind off of "what else is going on". This is VERY important in the beginning of changing a lifestyle. At first, you need the extra push to get rollin!!

THE STUDENT. If thoughts of the gym make you queasy inside; maybe because you are just not familiar with the machines, proper form or overall-you're scared. You need a personal trainer. They are going to teach you proper form, proper lingo and give you the gumption to be able to eventually strut your stuff through the gym like you own it! They are TEACHING YOU something that YOU WILL always take with you. Once you learn proper form, it's easy to workout in ANY GYM across the country. This is BIG.

If you need to lose over 20 lbs Listen, it is ok. This is where the rubber meets the road. You have to come to terms with how much FAT you need to lose. Not weight per say... This is the hardest step for a lot of reasons because you have to be honest with YOURSELF. Everyone around you knows how you look. I was walking around thinking in my brain I was in shape at 200+ lbs. I'm telling you, be honest with where you need to get to with your goals. A trainer will set you up on a comprehensive plan for fat loss. They typically can help with diet and calorie intake vs output. If you have someone helping you through the journey, it will make you at least 70% more successful. I have done it. Believe me, having a trainer gives me 3x the results that I would have had doing it all on my own.

BOREDOM Have you been working out the same way for a while? Or better yet, do you feel like you bust your rump daily at the gym and eat clean and you still aren't seeing results? YOU NEED A TRAINER!! THE best trainers are constantly learning and have such a plethora of information. I have had different kinds of trainers for different situations and they ALL have blown me away with their knowledge of exercise physiology, strength training, stretching, how not to overtrain, supplements & diet, etc. These people(when you choose the correct one) can help you in so many facets of your health story.

THE BOOMERANG. If you have lost the same ten pounds, 2, 3, 4, 5 or 6 times. YOU NEED A TRAINER. You are great at the initial start of your program, but you need help staying motivated and staying on track. Good trainers have the ability to motivate you more and more as time goes on. So, think about that, as the fat starts to melt off of your body and the pant sizes go down, they are there to keep after you! They will not let you get complacent and stop your journey. They truly care and typically wanted to be a trainer to help people see results and get healthier. IT'S THEIR PASSION!!

ROLLER-COASTER. If you have a "winter" weight and a "summer" weight, YOU NEED A TRAINER! You are doing a TERRIBLE disservice to your heart and organs by swinging 20, 30, 40 lbs every year. You need someone to keep you focused on the long term. Yes, this means you actually do need to workout during football season. I promise you can find the time!!

WEEKEND GAINER. I was VERY bad about gaining all of the weight back on the weekends that it took me all week to lose. No one can stop that as fast as a trainer. You have to get out of the weekend habits. The gym and eating healthy HAS to happen on the weekends too. A personal trainer will teach you moderation and keep you accountable.

There are a zillion other kinds of folks that need a trainer. If you haven't thought about it until now, think about it. I promise its the single best investment that you can make in yourself and in your family. The better you are at making healthy choices and exercising right, the more likely your family will follow your example. 

AHHHHH THE BUDGET????!?!?!?!?!
This is where people get lost on hiring a trainer.
This is the proper way to rational spending money on a trainer..

Whether you spend $100/month or $600/month on a trainer(price always changes based on how often you will meet with them).
-proper form investment: You are investing in yourself. Investing in the PROPER way to train so that you don't get injured. I have a ton of friends that have gotten injured in group exercise classes or cross fit. When you have a personal trainer, they are ONE-ON-ONE with you. They will make sure you have perfect form and then you wont spend a gazillion dollars at the doctor trying to fix what you did to your body in zumba or crossfit.
-lifestyle investment: chances are you will eat out less, and buy your own groceries and start cooking. Once you start seeing results you will want to see more, and eating is just as important as the training. You will save money by not eating out and by not drinking alcohol all of the time, trust me!
-future investment: Your life is going to chance, you are going to be happier, you are likely going to be able to at least REDUCE any or all prescriptions drugs that you are on. These are all priceless. You can't get your health back unless you GET HEALTHY. Once its gone, you have to work really hard to get it back, and a PERSONAL TRAINER can help you achieve that.

If you have any questions or comments and want to message me privately. I have several trustworthy personal trainers that I am happy to refer you to. I do not get paid by anyone to urge you to train with someone. I want you to get healthy.

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