.......road to the stage

This year has been quite an experience. I KNEW I wanted to hit the stage for my first body competition but had NO IDEA what it would take to get there. I originally had slated a time frame of October and didn’t know if I would compete in physique or bikini. There are quite a few different kinds of competitions that you can enroll in. I wanted one that was natural, and that I could have a strong beautiful body, one that my daughter could look at and say, my mom is strong and healthy.
That being said, this is an entirely new ballgame for me. I had NO idea what it would take. The mental balance and the commitment in the gym and in the kitchen are more than I could EVER comprehend. I met my coach beginning of February. After careful consultation, he and I started working together. Let me tell you, I have come a long way over 2 years. I weighed 235 lbs after having my second child. I dropped my own body fat 15% and lost 36 inches in those two years. The results that I have had in the last 8 weeks are nothing like I could have ever imagined. My coach –”TJ” has me eating so much more food, and has me working so much harder than I could ever work on my own. The time I put into the gym is very carefully laid out and planned for this specific competition. I worked really hard in order to realize my potential future phases to prep me for competition the rest of this year.
 I am currently resting my body in order to get ready to prepare for the next phase of this process…PHYSIQUE here I come.
Today is the first day of the rest of your life. GIVE. UP. THE. EXCUSES.

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