How to travel with all of your meals when you don't check a bag!!!

I fly for work and in order to be healthy and travel; you have to plan! 

I typically don't check a bag so here is how I can fit 15 meals into a carry-on bag!

Breakfast: oats+whey protein+flax (all you need is hot water; most hotels can provide you with a microwave or hot water from their kitchen for free)

Mid-morning meal: typically a protein bar. My favorite ones are quest or victory. They both have about 17g of fiber; 20ish of protein depending on flavor. If you heat the cinnamon roll quest bar up in the microwave for 20 seconds; it tastes like dessert. (Victory bars have less fillers FYI))

Lunch: Tuna pack + rice cup (all that you need is access to a microwave-if I'm at a conference center all day I will  pack sandwich bags and cool the rice in my hotel room microwave and pack the meal in the baggie)

Dinner: actual meals. I find that shredded chicken, sweet potatoes and Brussel sprouts fit my macros best. Even better is that they freeze well. So I Cook the meal and freeze them. You can take most foods through security at the airport if they are solid! In the winter I freeze cups of chili in flat containers and break them out like ice cubes and throw them in individual sandwich bags).

Mid afternoon snack: if I workout that evening, I eat a meal. If not it's an apple with a tube of almond butter or Greek yogurt and nuts(in pic), or cottage cheese and berries; just depends on what my plan calls for. 

Dinner: I eat with my team. I will fill in my macros accordingly. You can easily freeze 3 more meals for dinner though. 

Before bed or post workout I'll have my protein shake- ANA protein is great because you don't have to pack a shaker bottle-and I won't have room for one!

Do I have a fancy six pack bag for storage? No. I use a backpack and have my laptop and books in it. We are talking very minimal space here for food but I make it work!

You can freeze almond milk for cereal or oats if you am have room. I always take extra protein bars for post workout carbs; even though they aren't as ideal as real food. 

I have found that if I don't pack my food I fall way off the wagon and feel terrible when I return. 

I learn how to pack less and become more efficient each time! I have even cooked over easy eggs and froze them-worked great! 

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