cutting my hair for Pantene's Beautiful Lengths!

So I woke up yesterday and had it with my hair, I hated having all of my hair fall out in big clumps from my post-pregnancy hormones. I had heard it was only going to fall out for 2 weeks and mine fell out for 6 weeks, so it was time to have my hair cut for cancer. I told Keith I was going to go to Hairclips if I had to, I was DONE! Instead I went to Toni & guy at the mall and Shannon had the pleasure of cutting off 10.5 inches of hair!! it was a lot, I only needed to do 8 inches, but was so happy to do 10.5! It takes 6 ponytails to make a wig for an adult and this is my second time giving, I would love to be able to do it 6 times but don't know what I will look like at 50 with hair below my elbows! This seems shorter than I had it before, but I doubt it really is. It was so invigorating- it feels like a clean slate. So I have decided that this is a clean slate for my life, starting today, a healthier jenna...for my daughter to look up to, but really for myself. I really feel good about helping in a SMALL way with Cancer!


  1. beautiful pic Jenna:) i love your hair:)

  2. What a Blog!!! Read the entire thing at 5am before work. Proud of you!! Can't wait to see you in Competition. We should all catch up soon.


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