A "Bulking" story of Logan Bailey (overall calorie intake, diet and workouts included)

The science of “bulking” and/or building muscle is just as important as fat loss.

If you are someone that cannot seem to gain muscle mass or gain any weight at all, you have just as much anxiety about the gym as anyone. Chances are because of your “gazelle-like” frame you have decided to stick to running and/or triathlons where you are easily suited for endurance.

This story is about a young man that at 18, was as skinny and scrawny as they come. He started out using free weights and has slowly built muscle over the last 4 years to become an absolute monster. 

Now he is training for his first competition this year, and he follows training from http://www.schwarzenegger.com/fitness/post/the-basics-of-training-for-size-part-1-split-decisions-over-split-routines

He consumes 3500 calories per day during bulking.
He is currently 205 at 6’2(2014), he started at 150lbs in 2009.

Logan trains on a traditional 5 day split weightlifting schedule with a day for full body mixed in. Taking one day off per week. The order of his body part per day is ; chest, back, arms, shoulders, legs, full-body day and then rest.

He eats clean, packs his six pack cooler http://www.sixpackbags.com/bags/elite-voyager-500-black.html for work every day and has his focus and mindset ready the minute that he walks in the gym.

You have to EAT a ton of food in order to gain muscle like this, it’s not steroids, it’s consuming a ton of food every 2-3 hours. This kind of commitment takes the dedication of food prep. You have to cook on the weekends to be able to afford yourself the proper meal plan during the week.

On a typical day he eats:

Breakfast: 5 eggs + 2 bagels
Mid morning: 8 oz ground beef + 2 oz pasta + pasta sauce
Lunch: protein shake (2 scoops) + 1 can of tuna + 1.5 cups brown rice
Mid-afternoon meal: peanut butter & jelly on wheat
Dinner: 8 oz ground beef+ 2 ounces of pasta + pasta sauce
Before bed/post workout: 2 scoop protein shake

He has ONE cheat meal per week which he has been known to eat an ENTIRE large pizza. This kind of transformation takes consistency and belief in yourself that you can attain 50 lbs of muscle in 4 years. It can be done folks!

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