How to set yourself up to eat healthy automatically!!!! (refrigerator photo and a description of it's contents)

FOOD PREP is probably one of the most beneficial ways to stay on track.

My refrigerator is well-stocked every Sunday with our foods for the week. These make it eating healthy automatic. There is no excuse when you are organized. If you are saying to yourself right now that you don't have time, you're full of bologna! Everyone has the same amount of time, spend it attaining your dream of being healthy.

For A RIDICULOUS AMOUNT OF EASY whole food recipes please to you will want to bookmark this site. Lisa and Kiran spend a ridiculous amount of time working hard to put out new recipes and help people eat a whole food diet. Their research on the subject is far superior to anything that I could tell you.

This is what my refrigerator looks like on a typical Sunday. (There are 3 things I do on Sunday Church, Gym, food prep, PERIOD.)

Now, first and foremost, no one is perfect. You will see some processed items. I will try to explain why. I have two toddlers and a husband that do not need to watch what they eat. so there's that.
(and also keep in mind that I am currently eating a very strict diet to cut fat for my competition-unless you are doing a competition, you will NOT need to eat this strict).
Top shelf: Vitacoco water, egg whites, a bag of cooked chicken made with spicy Mrs. Dash/low sodium. A bag of hardboiled eggs. (yes they are in bags, and yes they should be in environmentally safe tupperware of some sort. They are not and I seem to sleep pretty good at night :)- BUT I am working on my carbon-footprint).
Second shelf: cottage cheese(not accepted for a paleo or whole foods diet). This is specifically for body building. It's is a protein that is called "casein protein" meant that it metabolizes slowly into the body. This is what I eat at night before bed- two heaping tablespoons.
La Croix sparkling coconut water (simply delicious, I am trying to cut soda out and this is a better substitute than the diet coke :). It's much better with vodka, but I'm not drinking so it'll have to do), celery sticks (kids, husband and I love them- add hummus or pb and they really love them)
First drawer- cheese and hummus and butter. REAL butter. NOT processed
3rd shelf: A container full of sauteed onions and peppers, made with a TINY bit of light oil (coconut or grapeseed) the longer you saute them, the sweeter the natural flavors turn (Cut in large pieces so they aren't so soggy) and eggs, we go through a TON of eggs- try to buy them at a local farmers market.
Vegetable drawer- exactly that. Wash everything and cut it up or "prep" it when you get home, then place in a rubbermaid container with a paper towel- it will keep for 2 weeks.
Bottom drawer- this is where I would normally keep any bad food. Why? Well You are 90% less likely to bend over and get something out of a drawer. SO, if YOU HAVE to stock it for your kids or husband or whomever, hide it from yourself. I have fruit in mine. Also play this same game with yourself in your pantry.

Out of sight, out of mine, unless it's a trigger food, then GET IT OUT OF YOUR HOUSE!

The door:
PB2- thank you Ashley Weaver.
My friend told me about this a long time ago- and I am not longer addicted to regular peanut butter. Regular peanut butter has some good stuff in it but just 2 tablespoons can turn your daily caloric intake HAYWIRE. So buy some of this good stuff. It's a powder you mix with water and make your own pb. Unfortunately it's still made with nuts, so you can't send it in your kids lunches to school for nut allergy purposes. It's only 45 calories per 2 tablespoons. Regular pb is 210.
Lemon and lime juice- I hardly EVER use,
next level down: condiments:
TYPICALLY condiments are BAD. Period. I mean, really loaded with sugar and sodium. If you read my originally story, you will remember that I am a sodium grabber (a saying I use for people that retain water easily). Most men are NOT affected by sodium. Women, however, are EXTREMELY effected by even the smallest amounts of sodium. Soy sauce- BAD, if you have this item in your house and you use it to cook, please don't. It's terrible for high sodium content. Ketchup- I'm from the Pittsburgh area, I grew up putting HEINZ on everything, sorry folks- it's a diet CRASHER! Dressings are also terrible- it take 2 minutes to make the best dressing you will ever have:
Paleo approved salad dressing:
2/3 oil (I use grape seed, you can use Light olive oil or regular) 1/3 balsamic vinegar (I use Ariston) and then a heaping tablespoon of italian seasoning. Done. DELICIOUS.
Back to my frig:
On my door you will see jalapeƱos, mustards(they are usually ok), salsa and minced garlic.

Then you will see a variety of milks. I buy almond unsweetened for my coffee and my protein shakes
Soy is for my children and my husband likes 1%. This is a big deal, he has drank skim forever ( skim milk is one of the most disgustingly over-processed foods you can put in your body.

I have a ton of meals prepped in my freezer as well. Just get organized. If you eat at work every day, you need to pack a lunch (a lean meat and a green vegetable) and two snacks, one for mid-morning and one for mid-afterrnon.
If you do shakes( I have a board of shake recipes on Pinterest- look up Mrs Petri Dish and follow), then all of the fruits that are about to go bad, just clean them, cut them up and throw it in your freezer in ziploc bags to use later for shakes/smoothies.

If you work out of your home it's important to stay away from the kitchen until you can trust yourself to avoid all-day snacking. This is what would kill my diet. I ate really healthy meals and then I would snack all day (after honestly adding up the calories I was eating anywhere from 500-900 CALORIES worth of AIR)(I refer to all foods that don't fuel your body as air- I mean, they don't do anything but screw up your progress).

A lot of this is more of a mind game with yourself than you would care to acknowledge. Most of us eat out of anxiety, boredom and/or stress. Take that out of the equation. Keep a food journal, write down how you feel when you mess up (I know, the guys that are reading this right now are like, YEAH RIGHT!)

But honestly, you have to keep yourself in check. ONLY you can help YOU!

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